Good Soup Livestream for Child's Play Charity!

Tue, Nov 23



Good Soup Livestream for Child's Play Charity!

This is a streaming, online-only event!

Time & Location

Nov 23, 2021, 7:30 PM


About the Event

In the spirit of thanks, NJ Emergency Medical Technician William Bozza also known across social media as @a_dented_can, is providing a special livestream for fans of Kevin Smiths View Askewniverse.William, an EMT by trade, has created the #emoemt persona to help with the growing mental health struggles among health care professionals. “If I can make a person laugh for 15 seconds on TikTok so they can get through their shift, then I know I did something right”.  He came up with the name @a_dented_can because we’re all just a little banged up right now.

During his day job, William would drive his ambulance from 911 call to 911 call passing Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle. As an avid fan, he watched the production of the New Clerks 3 movie in between his 911 runs. He came up with the Idea of a NJ celebrity Livestream when he befriended Smodcastle castle keeper Ernie O’Donnell. William wanted to incorporate social media influencers and cast members from the View Askewniverse for a notable cause – by blending comedy, entertainment and  Tik Tok counterculture in a live variety show format.

That’s how the “Good Soup Livestream” was born – a genre transcending cultural movement that seeks to connect with the unique struggles of the everyman and everywoman in today’s America. To celebrate the launch of Good Soup, William has partnered with Child’s Play Charities, which all proceeds of the livestream will benefit. Child’s Play charities provides video game consoles and VR technology to children and adolescents in hospitals and healthcare settings. As a child, William spent much of his time in and out of the hospital, and he used gaming as a way to cope through some of the hardest times in his life. “I’ve always admired what Child’s Play has done, giving kids like me a chance to escape and just be a kid, even as they go through tough times like I did.”After learning about the event, other sponsors like Heady Candles From Cape Coral, Florida jumped on board with out hesitation.“This is going to be a good time with laughter, giveaways, and live q&a with special guests from the View Askewniverse, all for a great cause!

The “Good Soup Livestream” will be streaming across all social media platforms on NOVEMBER 23rd 2021 at 7:30pm EST. Follow William @a_dented_can on Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter for all updates and announcement.We look forward to this special event!

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