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Paul Brown
Jul 15, 2021
In General Discussion
In case you missed it, we announced a special Fatman On Batman show this Saturday at 9pm. It'll be SModCastle's first show post-grand opening weekend. I have on good authority to report that since announcing it yesterday the show is already 80% sold-out so don't wait! As of right now this is the only show scheduled, however knowing Kev and Ernie I will get the call of something else popping up at any given moment so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the site for early email updates!
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Paul Brown
Jul 12, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi all! Paul here, webmaster and Ben Affleck's trailer park-level stunt double. That's right...20yrs after we first heard about it and a couple different iterations, the Shooting Range is BACK! "...but Paul, why? Literally nobody asked for this." No. No they didn't but when I was having discussions with Kevin and Ernie about the new SModCastle site, I suggested a fun kick of nostalgia throwing back to the heyday of the Universe...they both said "ABSOLUTELY!" when I said we should bring back the Movie Poop Shoot board. I'm a 25yr fan of the View Askewniverse, I've known a few of the cast members for years however I've only recently been brought into the closer circle of Ke v and the like. I'd like to get to know some people, so introduce yourselves below! Let's see how this goes. Just don't be a total piece of shit here, ok? You know what I mean. Excelsior! Instagram -PB609 Twitter -PB609plus1
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Paul Brown

Paul Brown

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